Products & Services

From mobile booking and around-the-clock support to VIP services and safety programs, our Business Travel Solutions deliver better business trips and higher traveller satisfaction while boosting compliance with corporate travel policies.

  1. Online Bookings

    • Technology searches for the lowest available fare, comparing BlueSky vs Client vs Web deals.
    • Multiple payment options with dynamic, online and custom reporting. Robotic ticketing 24/7 coupled with E-Vouchers, E-Itinerary and automated invoicing.


    TripCase is a web and mobile travel management application that gathers all travel itinerary information into one easy-to-access location.

    With TripCase, travellers have access to critical travel alerts like flight delays, gate changes and reservation cancellations as well as integrated tools like weather, seat maps and driving directions.

    TripCase sends itinerary-specific messages via web, mobile browsers and a mobile application for Apple and Android phones that users may download from the TripCase website for their devices. Non-smartphone users also have access on their mobile by going to, while tablet users can go to

    TripCase is a simple way of managing every single detail of a trip whenever and wherever needed. This service platform makes it easy to access to documentation, such as e-tickets, travellers have everything they need in hand to travel with less stress and confidence.


    GetThere is a sophisticated online booking tool and a complete travel, meetings and expense management tool conceived for corporate travellers. With its powerful and easy-to-use platform, travellers are allowed to book business travel and get access to air, car, hotel and rail reservations on a 24/7 basis.

    GetThere is available on desktops and notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Business travellers are able to use the application anywhere and anytime they need it.

  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    BlueSky Business Travel tracks customer feed backs through online customers’ surveys & CRM visits.

    BlueSky continuously collects and actions client feedback, and conducts regular client surveys and mystery shoffers exercise.

  3. Standard Operating Procedures

    • Ensured business continuity
    • Standardised processes
    • Ensuring that our clients get the best possible experience with us

    The SOP allows for continuous process improvement thus raising the bar in order to meet our objective of service being our core industry differentiator.

  4. Quality Control
    • Booking Accuracy
    • Profile preference management
    • Best fare / rate check
  5. Emergency Call Centre

    From queries and advice, to changes to existing reservations, voucher request and international reservations, the emergency duty service after business hours can lend a helping hand. The service is not outsourced, but is staffed by BlueSky travel consultants.